Thursday, 1 May 2014

Got it again.

I ended up with something really annoying today effecting my feet, this is the second time that I have got this in the space of a couple months so I must be doing something wrong to keep on getting plantar fasciitis. You can read my last rant about getting it over on my other blog here. I did recover last time, the last time I got it it it must have been because I wasn't running correctly... I since got some good insoles to help heal it all up... but after it recovered I was stupid and stopped wearing the insoles.. and for my stupidity the pf has returned DOH! I guess this time around I am going to have to make sure I keep wearing the insoles. If you haven't had plantar fasciitis before which is caused by over stretching and inflammation of the plantar fascia you really dont want to ever get it its like the arches of your feet are on fire all the time.. it is worst first thing in the morning for some reason.

It took me a couple weeks to recover last time I hope it heals up quicker this time seeing as it is the summer and all and I want to play football in the sun!